Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CAA 2105: Call for Presentations, deadline extended to August 1!

"Foundations Flipped? Active Learning in Art History and the Studio"

One of the most talked about pedagogical ideas in higher education is “Flipping the Classroom.” In a “Flipped Classroom,” students control their own learning through studying the course materials in preparation for a more active and engaged course session. Students may be required to listen to an online lecture, watch a YouTube video demonstration, do additional readings or research the subject - all before they step into the classroom. Class time is spent on more in depth discussions and active engagement with the material.

The studio is already an active learning environment. Artists learn by doing. Does this pedagogical approach work in a studio class? Can this model provide students with the necessary skills to succeed as they move forward in their discipline?  Would the flipped classroom work better in art history classes? How can we cover content and still allow students to do independent learning?

This session invites presenters who have successfully flipped their classroom, or part of their class to share their Best Practices in both studio and art history. What worked for your students and what didn’t work for them? Is this an appropriate model to introduce into studio and art history classes? Or is it just a hot trend? How can this pedagogical approach improve learning for studio and art history students?

The College Art Association Conference will be held in New York, February 11- 14, 2015.  Proposals should be sent by August 1 to Monica Anke Hahn by email at: